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Work with the customer experience agency for businesses who care about impact as much as income.

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As the CEO of an ethical company, you need to know enough about CX & CRM, not everything.

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What if your customer experiences were built by a team of CX experts who monitored and optimized them on autopilot?

And your audience became a community of brand activists working together to make the world a better place?

You keep bringing in sales, we’ll turn them into brand champions who buy everything you sell and refer everyone they know.

So your brand becomes a force for good in the world!

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Choose a Champion Experience to create your ideal impact.

Our results-driven process for focusing on impact that boosts income helps people fall in love with buying from you so they can’t help but grab their wallets with glee every time you make an offer.



Most course creators assume that the people who sign up for their courses are already motivated enough to log in, work through the content, and get results.

But in fact, most students buy a course because they need help making those things happen. I still remember a course I bought years ago where I didn't make it past day 2 because the topic was just hard to stick to and the CX did nothing to help.

More people get results, buy the next thing, and refer others when the order confirmation page helps them get a small win right away so they can’t wait to continue. (It's called "time to value" and it can have a profound effect on retention and customer lifetime value.)

This is also the best time to inspire engagement, find out what their own internal urgency is, and set expectations so they know how to succeed. Your after-the-sale nurturing can use their answers to keep them motivated and moving through the course to get bigger and bigger results.


CX FOR coaches and service-based businesses.

I'm always surprised when coaches and service-based businesses make clients wait for the next step after paying thousands of dollars.

When really, the onboarding process can be completely automated in a way that feels 100% high-touch.

Coaches can start the coaching process with a tool like VideoAsk so clients show up to the first call with the groundwork already completed. And service-based businesses can create a streamlined experience for the client to deliver everything needed for work to begin.

There are SO many possibilities with today's tools! Automating the onboarding process no longer feels low-quality. Don't believe me? Get in touch and let's chat!


online experiences for PHYSICAL PRODUCTS

Like coaches, most product-based companies make customers wait for delivery after completing payment.

The assumption is that the experience begins when the product arrives at their doorstep. In truth, the experience starts on the order confirmation page and can fester while they wait for delivery!

My favorite experiences (as a customer and an expert) are when the order confirmation page shows the positive impact this purchase just made on the planet and immediately shows me how to get a result today, before the item even ships.

People don't buy physical products ONLY for the physical benefits itself. We don't buy shoes only to cover our feet. There's always some other benefit (status, beauty, health, etc.) that leads us to choose that particular shoe.

And with today's technology, we can help customers get a win in that part of their life before they leave the order confirmation page. Then, continue the conversation and deepen that bond until the product finally arrives.


an impact-driven customer experience for YOU

No matter what you sell and how you deliver it, we can create a customer experience that WOWS your buyers and has them falling in love with buying from you within 60 seconds of submitting their payment.

The above ideas are cookie-cutter compared to what we'll do when we customize the strategy for your brand, your message, your audience, and your desired KPI’s.

We have the expertise and tools needed to turn your buyers into brand champions who buy everything you sell and refer everyone they know so your business can become a force for good in the world.

Click the button below to book a stress-free assessment of what you're working with and start turning your CX into an elevated experience for you and your buyers.

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It’s not a small goal, but we’re up for the challenge!

Our definition of Scale For Impact:

Seeing people’s lives and society changing for the better when businesses who care about people and the planet grow and scale their reach, recognition, and results in a way that leads to global systemic change, social justice, and environmental protection.

It’s not a small goal, but we’re up for the challenge!

You’ve scaled for income,

now it’s time to scale for impact.

Our process -

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Customer Delight Audit

Our fastest and easiest path to results. We go through your current customer experience and provide suggestions for improvements along with a plan to implement.

This can be a standalone solution or a way to see results while we build a CX solution from scratch.


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Customer Delight Strategy

We map out a clear and detailed strategy that's unique to your brand, audience, and desired KPI’s to turn buyers into brand champions and increase your retention rates, repeat sales, referrals, and profit margins.

Afterwards, you can hand it off to your team or hire ours for implementation.


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Customer Delight Funnel

We write, design, and implement everything outlined in your Customer Delight Strategy, oversee the transition from your existing CX to the new one, and monitor the results, optimizing as needed.


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Customer Delight CRM

Using our CRM tool, we monitor your customer relationship data, turn it into easy-to-use reports, and suggest optimizations as needed.


Fern CX and CRM has the expertise and tools to help your business become a world-changing leader in your niche.

While everyone else is obsessing over decreasing conversions and increasing ad costs, you’ll be enjoying bigger profit margins as a result of higher retention rates, repeat sales, referrals, and more.

And we’ll sleep better at night knowing that we’ve helped another do-good business outperform the Bezos and Musks of the world while making the world a better place.

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We don’t succeed in our goals until do-good small businesses like yours become the billion-dollar influencers shaping society.

That’s why, in addition to our customer experience and CRM solutions, we also offer $0 down partnerships for qualified businesses.

Are you the next impact-driven business owner we get to transform?

Coming soon

More ways to grow your ethical business:

Your guide to successfully balancing impact and income to turn your ethical business into a profitable force for good in the world. Plus, the 2 things every ethical business needs to grow and scale.

Find out what they are & how to use them

Let’s look at the exact moment in every sales funnel that makes or breaks your customer relationships and determines whether they become a brand champion or someone else’s customer.

Learn about it here

The most ethical way to market and grow your business is to let your happy customers share their results, refer others, and help you reach new customers/clients.

Find out how to create brand activists here

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After working with ethical businesses in many different industries, we've noticed a pattern.

98% of all customer experiences fall into one of three categories. Two of them limit your profit margins and increase expenses while the third one has almost limitless potential.


For The Planet 🌍

Our blog is cleaner than 90% of web pages tested by Website Carbon Calculator. It emits the amount of carbon that ONE tree absorbs in a year at only 0.1g of CO2 per visit and is running on sustainable energy.

We plant 🌲 5 trees 🌲 every time someone buys anything from us and donate 5% of all revenue to environmental and social justice causes.

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For The People ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻✊

We believe every human being should feel safe to express their identity however they choose. We support women, BIPOC, LGTBQIA2s+, and others.

We use our influence, impact, and income to raise awareness and support equity including donating 5% of all revenue to environmental and social justice causes.

Our customers and clients can track their personal and collective impact in their own Impact Tracker dashboard.

Our Mission 💌

Our goal is to replace the Bezos and Musks of the world with business owners who give back, who make a difference, and who actually care about people and the planet. We’re here to show you how to outperform the greedy corporations that have been wrecking society for far too long.

We practice integrity, transparency, and sustainability in everything we do.




Our main office is located on the beautiful, unceded traditional territories of the Oholone and Lamchin people and we are very grateful for this opportunity to raise awareness and help with stewardship of this land until it is returned.

Learn more here: Indigenous Land Acknowledgement